Falcons find flaws on O-line
FLOWERY BRANCH -- Mike Smith, alarmed by the beating quarterback Matt Ryan has taken in the Falcons' first three games, may make changes on his offensive line this week.

Caine: People find meaning in bigger story
In a recent Banner-Herald article, titled "Who do we love? Ourselves, UGA psychologist believes," Dr. Keith Campbell was recognized for research into the rise of narcissism among college students. He concludes that students like themselves too much, have exaggerated expectations about their abilities and have an over-developed sense of entitlement. These attitudes are not held exclusively by students, but by their parents and other segments of the American population at large, but the data is there to support the growth of narcissism among the college population.

Scouts find beauty in Southwest
When Eli Bell made it to the peak of the mountain in New Mexico called "Tooth in Time," he knew what it was like to stand on top of the world.

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